Sunday, March 11, 2012


Chris Buzelli’s artwork manages to be at once playful, childlike, serious, allegoric and metaphoric, as proven by his series of oil paintings, Strength in Numbers. The first featured oil painting was commissioned by the PLANSPONSOR magazine, for an article discussing the capacities of businesses coming together to form a network of cooperation for better communities. Nothing, we believe, could have been more appropriate to illustrate this concept, than Buzelli’s metaphoric, Frankenstein-like renditions of humans and animals. The merging of animal and human spirit, depicted naively, in a series of paintings with soft colors and strong brush touches, is the best proof that uniting elements that don’t seem to fit together, can be combined and survive in perfect harmony.
The New York-based designer and painter brings magic into the mix of his body of work via a surrealist touch that is specifically his. Over-sized snails, people who are half-beastly, a zebra mixed with a crow and a feline elephant with the hind feet of a rat—expect to see these and more featured in Buzelli’s spectacularly enchanting paintings. Many critics throughout the ages have rushed to say that commissioned work is usually not genuine. Chris Buzelli proves that it is absolutely immaterial where the money comes from: a commissioner or a purchasing client, so long as the artistic talent is there.

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